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The Artemis Mission

Taking the first woman, and next man, to the lunar surface

In the 51 years since Neil Armstrong delivered one of the most famous lines in history; "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.", that one-liner continues to spark inspiration across the country as we collectively look to the skies with wonder at the discoveries still to be made. 

The Artemis missions will make exploration of those next frontiers possible, establishing sustainable basis on the lunar surface from which humanity can continue to explore the further reaches of deep space; underpinning groundbreaking scientific discovery and building the foundations for a true space-based economy. 

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Sustainable exploration

The Artemis program will enable sustainable human exploration of the moon, allowing us to research the billion-year-old ice at the lunar south pole to better unlock some of the mysteries of our solar system. Establishing a deeper understanding of how to harness the moon's natural resources, the Artemis missions will pioneer the future of human space exploration to Mars and beyond. 

Identifying the location of ice on the lunar south pole

Technology and security leadership

The Artemis program again cements the United States as a leader in space-based technological advancement and national security sustainment. The building blocks of this program will power space exploration and scientific discovery in to the future for decades to come. 

Dynetics HLS on the lunar surface with the moon in the background

A space-based economy

Our collective space-based economic future relies on effective public-private partnerships to make space access more readily available; the Artemis mission will provide the sustainability for an established cis-lunar economy and establish the foundations for many more commercial organizations to play their role in innovating our way towards the space economy of the future.

Established lunar surface utilization and habitation

Educate and inspire humanity

The Apollo missions inspired the global public like no other scientific endeavor. By taking the first woman, and next man, to the moon and beyond, Artemis will serve to inspire the next generation of scientists who will ultimately take humanity boldly in to deep space.

Astronaut on the lunar surface looking back to Earth